5 p.m.

Museum Sophiatown

Sophiatown – Forced Removals Remembered

Visit of the exhibition and talk with photographer Cedic Nunn

(entrance free)

 About stories told with the means of photographic art

“Poetry and photography have long had a close association, for obvious reasons. They both arise out of and speak to a subconsciousness which is very much part of the human condition. This plumbing of our pysche is a very necessary part of being human. Both explore, delight and revel in the quality and experience of life. You could say that both stop time to allow us to contemplate its intricate and layered experience”. (Cedric Nunn)

Supported by Bailey Seippel Gallery for South African Photography



8 p.m.

Afrikan Freedom Station, Westdene

In Words we Trust – opening gala                    

Performance Kgafela le Marabele

(entrance please check with AFS)


Kgafela le Marabele form a group of artists who individually have a world of experience as performers. The musical genius outfit next to ingenius king of poetry Kgafela oa Magogodi is inclusive of Tebogo “Bra Tebza” Tshotetsi, a gifted artist who plays indigenous instruments such as serankure and nkonwana. Makati Motshegwa, a versatile bass player and Kgafela Magogodi, an international stand-up spoken word artist in collaboration with other talented musicians. Guaranteed entertainment for the free minded.

After the concert Steve Kwena, artist, allrounder, founder and soul of Afrikan Freedom Station offers insights in his concepts and invites poets to the mike.


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